Mr. Superawesomeness is a superhero alter-ego of Patrick Star. He appears in the movie, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, movie-based video game and Super Brawl 4.


He is muscular starfish who wears a mask, gloves, and underwear that is colored like original Patrick's shorts, and boots. Also, he wears a short purple cape.


"Patrick is turned into a superhero called Mr. SuperAwesomeness using the book that controls everything that happens, and with help from the others, they defeat an evil pirate named "Burger Beard" and get the formula back from him. His powers are telekinesis, being able to make ice cream fly towards him. At first, SpongeBob (the "Invincibubble") finds his powers useless when he uses them just to eat ice cream, but later, they come into good use when he summons a swarm of ice cream at Burger Beard. Mr. SuperAwesomeness is animated in 3D.
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