Mr. Sea Chicken is a sea chicken that appears in the episode "The Masterpiece." He is the owner and mascot of the Sea Chicken Shack, a restaurant in Bikini Bottom. Although they have never physically met, he and Mr. Krabs are enemies, due to the competition between the Sea Chicken Shack and the Krusty Krab, who both claim they have the "best restaurant in the sea."


Mr. Sea Chicken is an anthropomorphic, white, feathery chicken who has two legs and a small, orange beak. He also has a red rubber comb on top of his head. He occasionally sheds feathers, especially when moving around. He does not wear any clothes.

Mr. Sea Chicken has a screechy voice and when he talks he sometimes clucks.

Advertising and marketing

Sea Chicken Shack commercial

In order to bring customers, Mr. Sea Chicken made a commercial for his restaurant, the Sea Chicken Shack. The commercial used him as the star, telling kids to bring their families to the restaurant. He also let kids playing on him, a reference to the large statue of him.


Mr. Sea Chicken statue.


Right next to the Shack is a huge, realistic, unsafe statue of Mr. Sea Chicken for kids to play on. It looks like it is made of concrete. The statue shows a lot of detail, as individual feathers, eyes, and a beak are easily seen on it.
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