Mr. Poecilia[1] is a light green fish who appears in the episode "Good Neighbors" and the book Good Ideas... and Other Disasters. He works as a summoner for community service.


He is a light green, short fish who wears a plain white, long-sleeved shirt with a collar and a purple tie. He has darker green fins, and his eyes expand shape when he is angry, along with becoming more red.

In Good Ideas... and Other Disasters, he is married to Mrs. Poecilia and has 26 young children.

Role in series

In "Good Neighbors," he informs SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward that they will be doing community service for the rest of their lives due to the havoc that they made Squidward's house wreak across Bikini Bottom (although Squidward did not play a part in the terrorization his house caused; of course though, this is supposed to display Squidward's tendency to get blamed for events that are not his fault).

In Good Ideas... and Other Disasters, he and his wife hire Mr. Krabs to babysit their 26 children. Mr. Krabs tells them a story from his old sailing days, but when he mentions Davy Jones and his ghost pirate ship, the kids get scared. The kids are still hollering and screaming when Mr. and Mrs. Poecilia return. Mrs. Poecilia gets mad at Mr. Krabs and sends him away with no pay.


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