Mr. Krabs' shell is worn by Mr. Krabs and appears in many episodes of the series. It has a major role in "Shell of a Man" and "My Two Krabses."


The shell is red. It has holes for Mr. Krabs' eyes, mouth, and nose.

Role in series

"SpongeBob Meets the Strangler"

When SpongeBob shows Mr. Krabs a picture of the Tattletale Strangler, he retreats into his shell in fear.

"Shell of a Man"

Mr. Krabs molts his shell and kicks it in frustration, causing it to fly into SpongeBob, who becomes stuck inside it. SpongeBob later goes to Mr. Krabs' navy reunion with the shell, faking to be Mr. Krabs.

At the end of the episode, after Mr. Krabs wins the Trophy of Manly Toughness, he says that his shell will grow back.

"Shell Shocked"

Mr. Krabs gives his shell to SpongeBob as a replacement for Gary's shell, costing SpongeBob a year's pay. That night, Mr. Krabs gets cold without his shell and goes to SpongeBob's house to borrow a blanket.

"Eek, an Urchin!"

Plankton's death robot rips off Mr. Krabs' shell.

"Company Picnic"

Squidward sprints past Mr. Krabs, spinning him around and causing his shell to come off. Mr. Krabs struggles to get it back on, and asks SpongeBob to zip it up before walking away with him.

"Larry's Gym"

It cracks when Mr. Krabs tries to lift weights.

"The Check-Up"

SpongeBob tests Mr. Krabs' shell for shell durability but it cracks. It cracks again at the end of the episode.

"Surf N' Turf"

After being repeatedly hit with Sandy's acorns, his shell breaks.
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