Mr. Krabs' ancestors are Mr. Krabs' family members from different eras who appear in the episode "Senior Discount."

Known members

  • Ulysses S. Krabs (Civil War Krabs [1] [2])
  • Ancient Egyptian Era Krabs
  • Caveman Krabs
  • King George Krabs TBA of the TBA
  • World War I Krabs (Russian look-alike)
  • Arctic Krabs
  • Gladiator Krabs
  • Western times Krabs (one with a bread and overalls)
  • Cowboy times krabs (one with a tall hat)
  • Seven in background
    • Various others

Role in episode

They are summoned by Mr. Krabs in order to kick Old Man Jenkins out of the Krusty Krab while he is summoning his own ancestors. However, both characters' ancestors are bummed out from them fighting and kick them out so the crabs can have a party.


  • A family member that looks like a caveman is seen in the crowd, which means he came after Prehistoric Krabs who is seen in "Ugh."
  • One of them looks like King George.
  • It appears that Mr. Krabs has the most ancestors from different eras.
Crustaceans (VE)

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