And I would not wash my own bottom with this, after carefully wiping and wiping and wiping and wiping!
— Mr. Crustacean, "Le Big Switch"

Mr. Crustacean[1] is a fish who appears in the episodes "Le Big Switch" and "Don't Feed the Clowns." He is the head chef of the Fancy! restaurant, as well as the owner of his own bakery.


He is a large fish with a unibrow and a pencil mustache. He wears a chef's hat, a white shirt, and a tie around his neck. He has a yellow dorsal fin and salmon-colored lips. In his first appearance, he is olive green with a white tie. In his second appearance, he is light blue with a red tie. He speaks with a French accent.

Role in episode

"Le Big Switch"

He employs the chef, Le Schnook, who went to work at the Krusty Krab while SpongeBob comes to work in his kitchen at the Fancy! restaurant. He ends up loving Krabby Patties and wants SpongeBob to stay at Fancy! to continue cooking them. He often criticizes his other chefs.

"Don't Feed the Clowns"

Mr. Crustacean hires the little clown to work at a bakery, which he is also revealed to own. He orders the little clown to store and back up the pies. Soon, the little clown starts to goof around and throws some pies intended at Mr. Crustacean. SpongeBob blocks one of them but the clown throws too many pies that more people get hit by and, due to the pies' flavors, they injure the customers.

Mr. Crustacean fires the clown for his actions.


  • Despite his name, he is a fish, not a crustacean.
    • His name is only listed in the credits of "Le Big Switch." It is a play on Mr. Krabs' name, as he is the Fancy! restaurant's equivalent of Mr. Krabs.


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