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"Movie Etiquette" is a SpongeBob SquarePants educational short. In this short, the French Narrator talks about how to be safe and respectful at a movie theater.



In the beginning of the short, the French Narrator introduces the Reef Cinema, which is showing a movie called A Sea Star Is Born, which many Bikini Bottomites have gathered to watch. He describes the movie theater as a "magical place for all to enjoy, so long as we follow a few simple rules." Squidward walks in and chooses an open seat next to SpongeBob.

The narrator explains the first rule: to locate the nearest exit in case of an emergency. Squidward looks over at the exit door, where an usher is standing. Patrick walks in and slams the door on the usher. He sits down near Squidward, illustrating the second rule: find a seat before the movie begins.

The next rule is to make sure not to disrupt the film for others. The narrator gives a list of activities not to do: chewing gum, bouncing, hogging the armrest, jellyfishing, hamboning, gargling, and play fighting. SpongeBob and Patrick do all of these activities, annoying Squidward and making him yell at them to sit down and stop ruining his night off.

The narrator introduces the final and most important rule: no talking. Squidward has just broken this rule by yelling, so a muscular usher escorts him out of the theater. SpongeBob tells Patrick to enjoy the movie, but Patrick tells him, "Shh! You’re talking!"



The short was created specifically for Screenvision movie theaters. It was first released online on May 23, 2019, but it made its official debut on May 24 at Screenvision locations across the United States. These theaters played the short before all films rated G and PG from then until August 29.[1]



Cultural references

  • At Reef Cinema, there is a showing for A Sea Star is Born, which parodies the movie A Star is Born.