More like, belongs in the trash!
— Monty P. Moneybags, Artist Unknown

Monty P. Moneybags is a world-famous art collector who appears in the episodes "Artist Unknown," "Insecurity Guards," and "SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout."


Monty P. Moneybags is a short stubby fish with a mustache, light salmon colored skin, and faded purple lips. He wears a light yellow and orange checkered jacket, and a dark blue tie. He wears brown pants and black shoes much like '. There is a small light green flower on his jacket. Apparently, he doesn't wear socks.


"Artist Unknown"

Monty P. Moneybags first appears in this episode. He enters Squidward Tentacles' art class to find art for his art collection. However, he only happens to humiliate and demean Squidward along the way, until he sees a glorious statue that was actually built by SpongeBob. He promises to give Squidward fame, fortune, anything he can imagine, only for the statue to be destroyed. He thinks Squidward can prepare a new one, and leaves Squidward alone, as Squidward scrambles to find SpongeBob.

He later appears in the episode during Squidward's rampage. Squidward, thinking that the mess he made looked terrible, quit and left the Janitor responsible. Monty P. Moneybags, seeing an even more glorious statue in its place, dubs the Janitor the greatest artist who ever lived.

"Insecurity Guards"

Monty later reappears in this episode as one of the tourists in the Bikini Bottom Museum of Everything, marking his first reappearance in almost 18 years.

"SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout"

Monty later reappears again in this episode as one of the many guests at SpongeBob's surprise birthday party.


  • In a close-up shot in "Insecurity Guards," Monty is mistakenly colored light turquoise, though he has his correct orange color in the previous shot.
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