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{{RP|Timmy from [[Bottom's Up!]]|Timmy (Bottom's Up)}}
#REDIRECT [[Incidental 103]]
{{RP|Timmy from "[[Company Picnic]]"|Timmy (patty)}}
|first-appearance = "[[Valentine's Day]]"
|latest-appearance = "[[The Ghost of Plankton]]"
|name = Monroe Timmy Billy
|residence = [[Bikini Bottom]], [[Pacific Ocean]]
|occupation(s) = Student of [[Bikini Bottom School]]<br />Child actor ("[[Don't Look Now]]")
|gender = Male
|species = Fish
|image = Bhtutjyhngfhtryjtukiyjhgrftjkjytest.png
|education = [[Bikini Bottom School]]<br>[[Mrs. Puff's Boating School]]
|color = Light orange
|eye-color = Black
|parents = [[Mable-Monica]] (mother){{e|Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful}}<br>[[Frankie Billy]]{{e|The Inside Job}}<br>[[Fred]]{{e|A Pal for Gary}}<br>[[Tom]]{{e|Hocus Pocus}} (possible fathers)<br>[[Norma Rechid]] (mother in a few episodes)<br>[[Timmy's father|Unnamed father]]<br>[[Timmy's mother|Unnamed mother]]
|nephews = [[Ryan (fish)|Ryan]]
|friends = {{Link|SpongeBob SquarePants}}<br>[[Tyler]]
|pets = [[Nudibranch]]<br>[[Mary the Snail]]
|enemies = [[Squidward Tentacles]]<br>[[Sheldon J. Plankton]]<br>[[Patrick Star]]<br>[[Eugene H. Krabs]]
|portrayer = [[Dee Bradley Baker]] ("[[Walking Small]]" and "[[Mrs. Puff, You're Fired]]")<br>[[Sara Paxton]] ("[[Krabby Land]]")<br>Jesse David Corti ("[[The Sponge Who Could Fly]]")<br>[[Jill Talley]] ("[[Roller Cowards]]")
|aliases = Monroe<br>Billy
|siblings = [[Norma's daughter]] (sister)<br>[[Tommy Rechid]] (brother)
'''Monroe'''{{e|Krabby Land}} '''Timmy'''{{e|SquidBob TentaclePants}} '''Billy'''{{e|Little Yellow Book}} is a background character who makes several cameo appearances throughout the series, starting in the episode "[[Valentine's Day]]."
Monroe Timmy is a light orange fish with darker orange lips and black eyes. He wears a blue and yellow propeller beanie in the episode "[[Krabby Land]]," and a red and green propeller beanie in "[[The Sponge Who Could Fly]]." He wears lime green pants and a black belt with a golden belt buckle. In some episodes, he appears to be green.
Monroe’s father is [[Fred]] as shown in "[[A Pal For Gary]]". [[Mable-Monica]] is his mother as revealed in "[[Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful]]". His mother may also be [[Nancy Suzy Fish]] and he appears with her in numerous episodes such as "[[Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm]]" and "[[Giant Squidward]]". He is siblings with [[Gale Rex]] and [[Tommy Rechid]]. Fred’s current wife, [[Norma Rechid]], is his step-mother and Mable’s husband, [[Lenny]], is his step-father. He is also step-siblings with Mabel’s son, [[Billy (brown fish)|Billy]], and Fred and Norma’s daughter, [[Baby Rechid]].
==Role in series==
===="[[Valentine's Day]] "====
He is seen watching Patrick wreck the carnival.
==="[[SquidBob TentaclePants]]"===
He is seen having a birthday party.
==="[[Mrs. Puff, You're Fired]]"===
He is thrown into a door by [[Sergeant Roderick]] after accepting his bon-bon.
==="[[Shell Games]]"===
==="[[The Ghost of Plankton]]"===
[[File:103Monroe.png|thumb|Monroe Timmy's model]]
*In the first movie, he is red with woman eyebrows and light green shorts.
*He does not like pistachio ice cream, but it is shown that he asks for it, as seen in the episode "[[Hocus Pocus]]."
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