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Mo,[1][2][3] originally known as GirlMohawk[4] and the mohawk girl[5] is a jock camper that resides in the Frigate cabin with Larry the Lobster, Craig Mammalton, and Tall Tail. She first appears in the Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years episode "The Jellyfish Kid" and her first appearance in the main SpongeBob SquarePants series is in the episode "Salty Sponge."



SpongeBob SquarePants Mo's model sheet. #1


SpongeBob SquarePants Mo's model sheet. #2


SpongeBob SquarePants Mo's model sheet. #3


SpongeBob SquarePants Mo's model sheet. #4


Softy Spitoon Mo's model sheet.

She is a light purple fish with pink lips, buck teeth, and a large light blue mohawk. She wears a red headband, a spiked choker, a green dress, a black spiked belt with a silver buckle, ripped black pants, and brown boots.

As an adult, she's much larger and muscular, while retaining the look she had as a kid, with only changes being her brown jacket, a light-green ribbon with colorful badges on it (which she probably kept from Kamp Koral), and a broken bone tattoo on her left arm.

Role in series[]

SpongeBob SquarePants[]

"Salty Sponge"[]

She is seen as one of the patrons at The Salty Spitoon. She is also seen during the Softy Spitoon song, being handed a balloon.

"Buff for Puff"[]

She and Craig are weightlifting at Mussel Beach when they see Larry run by in Mr. Krabs' shell. They believe he gained weight by not exercising, so they start exercising harder in fear of turning out of shape like him.

Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years[]

"The Jellyfish Kid"[]

She is part of Larry's troop doing jumping jacks, and later jumps onto Larry's back when he wants to prove he's stronger than a jellyfish.

"Tag, You're It"[]

She is seen studying with the Frigate campers, where she incorrectly guesses that Jack from the "Jack Be Nimble" nursery rhyme jumped over an off-shore oil rig. SpongeBob then tags her, so she tags Craig in response, and then starts roughhousing with the other Frigate campers.

"Cabin of Curiosities"[]

She is seen training with the other Frigate campers, and is holding a punching bag steady so that Larry can hit it.

"Kitchen Sponge"[]

She is one of the campers watching Larry bounce a Krabby Patty with his biceps, and gives him a thumbs up when he successfully bounces it into his mouth.

"The Treasure of Kamp Koral"[]

She is one of the campers trying to catch Mr. Krabs' money after the wind blows it into camp.

"Camper Gary"[]

She, Tall Tail, and Craig participate in the four-legged race, where she and her teammates get tripped up by SpongeBob, Sandy, and Gary. She is later part of the eating contest, but Gary eats all the food before she can react.

"What About Meep?"[]

She is seen at lunchtime. Chovy walks past her while she is doing sit-ups, and him saying "moop" makes her include that in her count.

"Camp SpongeBob"[]

She and Craig are paired together for the field trip, and fight each other while answering that they are both present.

"Are You Afraid of the Dork?"[]

She listens to scary stories around the campfire with the other campers. In Bubble Bass's story, Mo is a supervillain with super speed.

"First and Last Aid"[]

When Krabs wants to know if Nurse Helga is a good nurse, Mo runs by and trips. Helga gives her a cast, and she runs off, excitedly asking who wants to sign it. She is later hit by a ball when SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy play baseball, knocking her over.

"The Jelly Life"[]

When SpongeBob appears dressed as a jellyfish, Mo calls out for him to sting someone. SpongeBob is hesitant, but Larry repeats her request.

"Lake Crashers"[]

Mo and Harvey open the doors for Larry and Bubble Bass's car to enter the arena, but they come out of the wall instead.

"Boo Light Special"[]

Mo wants to buy an inflatable horsey from the camp store, turning down the Flying Dutchman's other offers and threatening him. As revenge, the Dutchman pops her inflatable and replaces it with a cursed one. Mo takes it, and is later scene panicking when it drives her around the lake at high speed. The Dutchman laughs at her. Mo, along with the other campers, returns her items to the Dutchman's store, and they start attacking him.

"Reveille Revolution"[]

Mo is one of the campers enjoying the anchovies' music performance. When Squidward interrupts, she and the rest of the audience get angry at him.

"Deep Sea Despot"[]

She is shown roasting anchovies on a pizza with Craig and Tall Tail, and helps fix the canteen's cabin. Later, Squidward makes her, Larry, and Craig move Mr. Krabs' furniture out of his cabin.

"Eye of the Hotdog"[]

She helps Craig train for an eating contest.

"The Taste of Defeat"[]

Mo is seen playing table tennis with Larry, using Plankton's slop as the ball.