Missing Man! is the first comic in SpongeBob Comics No. 7.



The comic starts with SpongeBob and Patrick going to Shady Shoals, where they meet Barnacle Boy and realize it is his birthday. SpongeBob and Patrick get excited and when the three get into the main lobby, the two sing a birthday song for Barnacle Boy. The latter tries to stop the former two as they are making a wreck, but they do not listen and keep singing the song. Afterwards, SpongeBob asks where Mermaid Man is, to which Barnacle Boy replies that he has not seen him, prompting SpongeBob and Patrick to find Mermaid Man.

SpongeBob and Patrick first think they found Mermaid Man in the TV, but Barnacle Boy tells them it is just their old TV show. The two then look for Mermaid Man in the bran sundae bar and the nap room, but cannot find him. SpongeBob has to accept the truth that Mermaid Man is missing, but SpongeBob thinks he has been captured. The three run out of Shady Shoals to find him, with SpongeBob going to the Atomic Flounder's home as he thinks he captured Mermaid Man, even though he is retired.

In the house, the Atomic Flounder and Man Ray are creating a plan to rob a bank, only for SpongeBob to bust in. SpongeBob and Patrick try to call for Mermaid Man, and rip the bank robbery plans to see if there is a secret passageway behind it. The Atomic Flounder says Mermaid Man isn't there, so SpongeBob, Patrick, and Barnacle Boy leave the house and go to the house of the Jumbo Shrimp.

The three go into the house and into the basement where the Shrimp's lair is, and they tackle the Jumbo Shrimp who seems to be interacting with Mermaid Man. It turns out that the Mermaid Man was an inflatable bop bag that looked like Mermaid Man, making Jumbo Shrimp sad as it was his favorite toy.

The three then go to the Dirty Bubble's home, the Dirty Bubble himself making a cake. SpongeBob busts in and asks what he did with Mermaid Man, but the Dirty Bubble focuses more on the cake that was just ruined because of SpongeBob. Barnacle Boy says that since he cannot smell Mermaid Man, he is not there, since he has a very strong sense of smell.

Later, the three are walking down a road still trying to find Mermaid Man. Patrick asks SpongeBob if the guys they interrogated were now mad at them, but SpongeBob denies this. It turns out that the villains were mad at them for ruining their business, and they want revenge. The villains then hide behind some coral and see SpongeBob, Patrick, and Barnacle Boy walking. They then catch the three and trap them in Jumbo Shrimp's basement, where they talk about several punishments they can give to the three.

At the same moment, Mermaid Man comes down with a present for Barnacle Boy, thinking his name is Kyle and also saying he had been looking for him all over. Mermaid Man gets trapped by the villains, so he asks one of them to give his present to Barnacle Boy, which turns out to be a harmonica. He says he was shopping for one the entire morning, making SpongeBob realize that is where he was all day.

The villains decide to finally fight the heroes, giving Barnacle Boy the idea to have SpongeBob and Patrick say the birthday song they sang earlier to him again. The two start singing, much to the dismay of the villains. They get so sick of the singing they kick the four out of the house.

In the end, SpongeBob, Patrick, Mermaid Man, and Barnacle Boy walk down the street to Goofy Goober's Ice Cream Party Boat in harmony.


Running gags

  • Patrick mentioning ice cream.


SpongeBob Comics No. 7 (VE)

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