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Miss Gristlepuss' sisters are former villainess who appear in the episode "Banned in Bikini Bottom." They all work for their sister, Miss Gristlepuss. Most importantly, they are also Al Priss' sisters-in-law.

They are employees of the T.U.O.O.F.A.T.T.A.F.A.D., and they all used to dislike Krabby Patties before SpongeBob convinced them to try them.

They ride on a big red bus that is commonly used in Bikini Bottom.


They are tall and have small mouths. They have different colors of hair and scales. They all wear blue suits and white undershirts.

Role in episode

Miss Gristlepuss and her sisters visit the Krusty Krab to condemn it on account of Krabby Patties being "too fun and delicious, much to Mr. Krabs' concern.


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