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Mini Squidward, (made 2000) or Mini Squid is a puppet-replica of Squidward, and he is voiced by Tom Kenny. He first appeared in the episode "The Paper" when SpongeBob used his paper to make a ventriliquist dummy to tell numerous jokes. He later made a second and more major appearance in the episode "Squid Wood". He was used as Squidward's replacement when Squidward refused to play with SpongeBob. Squidward was annoyed by Mini Squid. Squidward was initially happy when Mini-Squid offered to do his job, but he grew angry when Mini-Squid succeeded in places Squidward had failed by doing the exact same thing. For example, both Squidward and Mini-Squid asked "Who ordered the Krabby Patty, and who ordered the Krabby Patty?" but the customers thought that it was funny only when Mini-Squid said it. The customers laughed at Squidward when he danced but said that Mini-Squid's dancing was good when Squidward did the same dance. Harold suggested that Squidward get size reduction surgery so that he could dance more like Mini-Squid, although his dance was exactly the same. The same thing happened when Squidward played his clarinet. Furious, Squidward attacked Mini-Squid. A talent scout visiting the Krusty Krab offered Mini-Squid a job. In the end, Squidward's puppet problems were not solved, as SpongeBob had made a puppet of himself also.



Milo J. Finkerfish holding Mini Squidward


  • His latest (and probably last) appearance was in the episode Squid Wood.
  • In the episode The Paper, Mini Squid looks fatter than in Squid Wood.
  • Just like Mini Squidward, Squilliam Fancyson is also better than Squidward, to his dismay.
  • His brother could be Little Squiddy from The Paper.
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