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That's the most righteous sound I've ever heard, man. Follow the leader of cool!
— Incidental CM19, "Mind the Gap"

The mime is a fish who first appears in the episode "The Sponge Who Could Fly."


He wears white face paint with a green and purple striped sweater and a purple hat with black pants on. He also has orange fins.

Role in series

"The Sponge Who Could Fly"

He is supposedly torturing Patrick, so SpongeBob and his inflatable pants come in for the save.

Battle for Bikini Bottom/Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated

In the console versions of the original Battle for Bikini Bottom, and all versions of Rehydrated, he appears both inside of the Chum Bucket lab, in the final lab, and the inside of the Krusty Krab, where he is shown window performing.

"One Coarse Meal"

It is revealed that Mr. Krabs is afraid of mimes, so Plankton uses one to scare Mr. Krabs in retaliation for teasing him about his own fear of whales.

"Mall Girl Pearl"

He is one of the many characters seen in the background. He is shown walking in front of the Bangles and Dangles store.

"Call the Cops"

While playing around as a cop, SpongeBob ironically tells the mime he has the right to remain silent.

"Mind the Gap"

Incidental CM19[1] appears as a Blow Your Top Lounge bongo drummer.


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