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The Milkshake Academy is a facility that appears in the episode "License to Milkshake." It also serves as the main setting for that episode.




The Milkshake Academy looks incredibly huge from the outside. It has many windows and a giant replica of a milkshake at the very top. Also on the outside, huts can be seen where cadets may sleep in. It also has a beach seen somewhere close by and this is also where cadets do their air training.


Like the outside, the inside of the Milkshake Academy is huge as well. It has many rooms, through, only a few are explored in "License to Milkshake." It has a room where the cadets, and SpongeBob, operate machines to blend milkshakes. It also has another room with a machine where Captain Frostymug tests the cadets on how to "be a shake." It is called the Shake Simulator. Only SpongeBob has been seen in there. The academy finally has a room where Frostymug awards cadets that have successfully made it through the courses and hands them their Milkshake Licenses.

Role in series

The Milkshake Academy plays an important role in the episode "License to Milkshake" as the episode is mainly set in the academy and this is the location where SpongeBob has to visit to get his license to milkshake.


The Milkshake Academy is where anyone can go in order to learn how to make milkshakes successfully and be able to serve them out as well. It is run by Captain Frostymug who has been making milkshakes for twenty years. After one or many has passed all of the tests, they are awarded Milkshake Licenses giving them permission to make and sell milkshakes.

Associated characters

  • Captain Frostymug - The fish that trains sea creatures how to make milkshakes.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - A former student
  • Milkshake Academy cadets - Former students

Things Done at the Milkshake Academy

  • Ice Cream Jogging
  • The Blending Rooms
  • The Shake Simulator
  • A Cherry Shooting Range
  • A Beach Volleyball Court
  • Airplane Ice Cream Drop
  • The Milkshake License Award Ceremony


  • As hinted, SpongeBob has been at the Milkshake Academy before, although it was much different than this one.
  • Apparently, it takes only four hours for one to complete the Academy.
  • The Milkshake Academy is a reference to the real life military academy.