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He burnt my shake!
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A milkshake is a dessert beverage that first appears in the episode "Pickles" and plays a major role in "License to Milkshake." They are known to be served by the Krusty Krab, Milk Shake, and Ice Cream.


It comes in a wide variety of flavors and forms and is usually either served in a generic cardboard cup with a straw or an ice cream sundae glass cup.


A burnt milkshake in "Pickles"

Role in series


Squidward burns a customer's milkshake when he takes over for SpongeBob.

"Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV"

Squidward tries to hand a customer a milkshake he ordered, but accidentally spills it on the guy because of the noises from Mermaid Man's belt startling him.

"Money Talks"

Mr. Krabs is seen sharing a milkshake with an anthropomorphic dollar during the montage of the song "If I Could Talk to Money."

"Sun Bleached"

SpongeBob drinks a strawberry milkshake at the ice cream parlor.

"Ghoul Fools"

Sandy is seen with a milkshake at the Krusty Krab and is apparently looking for milkshake gremlins.

"License to Milkshake"

Incidental 40 asks for a milkshake. SpongeBob makes one for him, however, it is frozen solid, prompting a negative reaction from the customer. Mr. Krabs then takes SpongeBob to the Milkshake Academy to learn how to properly make milkshakes from Captain Frostymug.

Even through all of the training, SpongeBob continues making frozen milkshakes and eventually fails. However, after saving Frostymug from a blender, he learns from him how to properly make a milkshake.

SpongeBob then uses his own body to make a milkshake, by which Harold is highly pleased this time.

"Krusty Kleaners"

SpongeBob was going to deliver a Krabby Patty and a milkshake to a local business manager, but he accidentally spills the milkshake all over the floor. SpongeBob promises the manager that he will clean the stain off the floor, unaware that the company has a cleaning robot.

After a major struggle with the robot, SpongeBob and Patrick clean the milkshake stain.

"My Two Krabses"

Patrick is briefly seen eating his combo meal at the Krusty Krab which contains a milkshake.

What's Your Bikini Bottom Pet?

Pictures of live-action milkshakes are used as all of the selectable choices on question 8.


  • Milkshakes also appear on the title card for "License to Milkshake."
  • SpongeBob makes a total of five milkshakes in "License to Milkshake." Three were frozen, one was a Krabby Patty, and the last was a properly made one.
  • The Krusty Krab milkshakes are called "Double Dip Milkshakes," as revealed in "License to Milkshake."