Midnight Snack Attack is the seventh comic of SpongeBob Comics No. 1.



SpongeBob wakes up in the middle of the night and decides to have a Jellyfish jelly sandwich as a snack. He grabs the needed items from the refrigerator and starts making the sandwich, but falls asleep while doing so. While sleeping, he has a nightmare where the sandwich ingredients have come to life and are forcing him to become part of a sandwich, to SpongeBob's horror. SpongeBob then wakes up and stares angrily at his complete sandwich, before deciding to have a cookie and some milk for his midnight snack.



  • The title has a double meaning, as it refers to both SpongeBob having a midnight snack attack and SpongeBob's nightmare about the sandwich ingredients attacking him.
  • The plot of this comic is similar to the comic "Waking Up Is Hard To Do," as both are about SpongeBob wanting to have a certain food item, but nightmares cause him to change his mind, making him eat other food instead.
    • Coincidentally, both of these comics are featured in the same comic book, with "Waking Up Is Hard To Do" being the first comic in the book and this comic being the last.
SpongeBob Comics No. 1 (VE)

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