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  • I live in a hole in the ground somewhere
  • My occupation is music enthusiast
  • I am a gopher.
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  • Are you a brony ?

    Also, the SBFW wiki is sheering up, it's pretty inactive compared to wikis like RuneScape (not an editor, just a chatter there) Avatar Wiki and the MLP Wiki.

    What is the highest number of comments you've seen on a blog ?

    What is the biggest number of comments you've seen on a page ?

    What is the highest number of people you seen on chat ?

    Do you think 10,000 edits is a lot ?

    Have you ever seen someone with the 365 editing day badge ?

    The MLP wiki has only 995 pages, and the SBFW wiki has around 5540 pages, now, the MLP wiki is atleast 5x times more active than the SBFW.

    This wiki ? Atleast 2.8 times more active

    The avatar wiki ?..... Ateast 9x more active...

    RuneScape ? Atleast 14x times more active

    And the Lyrics Wiki ?...? atleast 27x times more active.

    I am not exaggerating...

    So, see what I mean ?

    Sorry If I am being negative, but the SBFW wiki needs help.

    One more thing... have you ever seen a user who gathers most of their edits from comments ? I have, I am one of them over at the MLP wiki (I am not a helpful user there, but my blogs can get popular, one has over 500 comments.), so see what I mean ? Also are you a brony ?

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    • Who cares a heck if they sock back ? We can't give them rights because they are both banned from wikia, and I think you've learned that neither of them are fit for the rights, so can I please be unblocked.

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    • Mmm... sure.

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  • Hi, welcome to Encyclopedia SpongeBobia! Thanks for your edit to the Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • A FANDOM user
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