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  • I was born on April 6
  • My occupation is Protecting The Mixel Universe
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  • your behavior on the hurt and heal threads has been appalling. you whine when someone votes against something you want to win, you tell users to take their votes back, and you try to change the outcome when it doesn't go your way.

    you really need to stop doing this. if you continue acting this way, you may not be allowed to participate in hurt and heal threads anymore.

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    • you're doing it again. this is your second warning. please don't try to tell users what to do.

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    • Squiddleward wrote: you're doing it again. this is your second warning. please don't try to tell users what to do.

      Sorry. Trying to control myself, though...

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  • I loved playing Season 7 of Hurt and Heal. Without you, Nicko, Mismagius, and the rest of the season owners (including myself), I couldn't have been playing the game anymore.

    Here are some things to remember.

    • There's no such thing as reincarnation in Hurt and Heal. Unless we do a "Hurt and Heal Returnion".
      • An example is that Barnacle Boy's health is 0 and he suddenly goes back to the contestant section. Then the staff re-eliminates him.
    • Don't be selfish and lazy when it comes to owning a season. I've been quite lazy to update season 5 at times.

    That's all I got. And remember, when owning a season, remember these guidelines.

    EDIT: I take that back. Roller Cowards Rocks is pretty sure you aren't allowed to host anymore seasons.

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  • Encyclopedia SpongeBobia News - Vol. 1, Issue 1 - July 6, 2014

    Hello Encyclopedia SpongeBobians,

    I am notifying you all of important announcements at Encyclopedia SpongeBobia.

    What is this?

    This is a new notification system in which I will send out announcements to the walls of everyone who has logged into their Wikia account in the past month. The purpose of this is so that users of ESB can have a more direct way of receiving updates. These will be weekly announcments. If you wish not to receive these messages, you can add your name to the opt out list. The announcements and past announcements can also be viewed here.

    Administration changes

    There have been some recent changes to the administration.

    • As of June 24, 2014, Muchacha has joined the administration team.
    • As of July 3, 2014, Administrator Spongebob456 has been promoted to bureaucrat.
    Important community discussions
    • The following discussions need everyone's input. Please give your input. Many of these discussions will be closed within a week.
    User/Article of the Month
    • Please also participate in nominations for month awards:
    • Do you have any ideas for ESB? Click here to give your input. To see a list of prior suggestions and their status, click here.

    If you wish not to recieve these messages, please add your name to the opt out list.

    To see an archive of previous announcements, click here.

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  • Hi, welcome to SpongeBob SquarePants! Thanks for your edit to the Squiditis page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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