aka ImACatMeow or AnonymousTDFan

  • I live in The CN Multiverse
  • My occupation is Total Drama and PPG fan; apparently a jerk who hates perverts; cat/neko/furry; not existing
  • I am Non-existent/female/13/probably the only one that isn't bashing on Robbins

1. Don’t post useless crap on my wall unless you want me to join an off topic thread. Even if you're just saying hi, I don't need messages that are a waste of time.

2. Please be nice. I’m a teen and I don’t take too nicely to insults...

3. Don’t talk to me about our same interests here. Do it on the respected wiki of that. Anyone who likes the same things I like have my respect. Although I probably won't be on the Undertale wiki because reasons, or the Baldis Basics wiki because 1. There's nothing there, and 2. I'm not as much into the fandom. And I'm definitely not on the DDLC! wiki. I am on the Undertale AU wiki, I forgot why.

You can ask me questions as long as they’re meaningful or respectful and don’t go outside this wiki.

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