• I live in your pure imagination
  • I was born on April 1
  • My occupation is i Like chadtronic
  • I am A pillow throwing manchild who's stuck in the '90s

Message rules

1. no spamming (example) 1.spam spam spam spam 2.maybe lol saying that nonstop 3.writing in weird words 4.emoji its cringe acting weird 

3. no 9/11 jokes

4. no talking about nonsense


6. no saying please ban this guy or block this guy I ain't an admin


1. talking about my favorite Spongebob episode, character, season,and more. 

2. Asking for me to join chat (im blocked for 1 week so not now)

3. asking me question i would awnser them not in midnight cause i get off of the computer around 10:10 pm

4.Telling me jokes to keep me entertained 

5.creepypasta is ok just don't get it too creepy as then i wouldn't be able to sleep 

6. just have fun on my message wall and ask me any question (rules down below)

and if i think you are breaking the rules i am contacting a admin to give the user a

warning or a ban 

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