Hello, dear friend! Welcome to my message wall!

Hello, <insert name here>! I glad you visited my message wall. If you read my profile, you probably know the most important information about me. I'm a social and friendly user. Message me whenever you want. You can talk with me as much as you want, but as long as you follow a few simple rules.

Message me, if:
  • You want to be my friend
  • You want to talk with me about SpongeBob franchise
  • You want to share your opinions and tell me about your news
  • You want to see my opinion about any episode/movie/character (see notes below).
  • You want me to help you with:
    • Creating a template. I know wiki language well, and you can see my template
    • Creating your H&H (I'm not as good as this users, but still not bad)
    • Creating your signature (Again, I'm not as good as this users, but I have experience)
    • Help you make a profile or message wall greeting.
  • You want me to:
    • Play your H&H or any other game
    • Comment your blog (I'm polite and constructive, but be ready for disagreements)
    • Join the chat
    • Join any thread
    • Vote for any request/proporsal (see notes below)
  • You want me to make transparent image of character
  • Any other problem (see below what you shouldn't do)
Don't message me, if:
  • You are going to break ESB Policy
  • You are going to swear
  • You are going to spam
  • You are going to argue with me
  • You are going to resolve problems that don't involve me
  • You are angry or hot-headed
  • You are shy and insecure (You must feel comfortable and protected on my message wall)
  • You are going to ask me to close/delete someone's thread/comment/blog, block, or warn the user (I'm not the part of ESB Crew.)
  • You are going to post stupid and inaproppriate messages
  • You are going to ask some personal information like:
    • Face reveal
    • Where am I from
    • How old am I
    • Where am I working
    • etc
    • Everything you need to know about me from personal information is that I'm teenager, who live in Eastern Europe and I'm content moderator of Russian SpongeBob Wiki, but I'm not from Russia.
Notes and other rules
  • Please, try to speak with me without slang and youth words. I don't live in the English-speak community and I don't know English very well, so I might don't know what did you meant. Use English that confirmed by Official English Vocabulary
  • My opinions are unpopular and cursed. Please, respect them. I always respect your opinions.
  • If you ask me, while I like/dislike this item, I have a right not explain, but I usually explain.
  • Once again, I'm not ESB Crew.
  • When you ask me to vote for your request, sometimes I can think that you don't ready yet (but It's very rarely, I usually vote support in request). If I think you aren't ready yet, I won't vote in this request, because it can spoil your result, while I don't want to harm you.
  • I rage hater of Season 3.
  • Season 7, 8, and 9A are the best seasons for me.
  • Larry the Foolster and Gal Pals rules!
  • You can call me Egor, Egor Vasylets, My Emperor, Sweetie, Людмила Михайловна.
  • Have fun at my message wall!
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