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  • I live in Earth
  • My occupation is Editor?
  • I am Male
Nature Pants 054 (1999) "I'll give him a week.
I'll give him 11 minutes."

If you ask me for a title card, it might not be out instantly because of work but should normally be made within 3-4 days at most.

Escape from Beneath Glove World 142 "Breaking the rules, eh?"

Don't break any ESB rules.

I Was a Teenage Gary 026 "What's a Gary?"

Don't ask me questions I can't answer.

Plankton Paranoia 103 "BANNED!"

If you are trying to get unbanned from chat, don't leave a message here. However you can if you just want to discuss why you were banned or something like that.

Bubble Buddy 013 "Don't..."

Please don't do this on my wall.

  • Ask to get unbanned from chat
  • Ask unanswerable questions.
  • Swear
  • Be rude or insulting
  • E
  • Spam
  • Make the Cmc version of the Season 3 thread.
  • Not realize that the above rule being on both lists is a JOKE.
Bubble Buddy 014 "However you CAN do these things."

You can do any of these on my wall.

  • Ask my opinion on something (but respect it)
  • Invite me to a game thread
  • Ask to be friends
  • Report something or someone on chat, forums, or discussions
  • Make the Cmc version of the Season 3 thread.
  • Comment on my profile pic
  • Congratulate me on a new amount of edits
  • Share an opinion
Cmctext CmcM CmcC CmcB  Ask me anything as long as you're polite! 
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