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 BSpongeSM02 (WCE) 

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  • How are you?

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  • Yes, I'm rewatching the series.

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  • Hi. I just recently nominated an article for AOTM, but I don't know how to add it to the current AOTM nominations table. Can you please help me? Thanks.

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    02:23, September 28, 2020
  • I think this is invaild since only user of the month was brought back.

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  • If your userpage is protected, shouldn't your subpages be protected?

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  • Congratulations on UOTM!

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  • Worst Season.

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    • BSpongeSM02 wrote: I usually share my thoughts on an episode after watching both in the pair, but I want to get this rant off my chest now, for that this episode deserves to be torn to shreds.

      This has so many problems that I have to analyze scene-by-scene. Let's start Plankton hiding in the Krabby Patty. Did he really think that this plan was going to work? Where the hell did he think SpongeBob was going to take the Krabby Patty to? Did he really think he would take it outside of the restaurant instead of giving it to a customer? So, Plankton takes Sandy's fur pelt, which means that there is a blatant plothole right here. Yes, Plankton stole Sandy's fur, but he didn't steal her suit. So, this confuses me that why didn't Plankton steal that to make himself less suspicious or why didn't Sandy take her suit since that was not stolen? And then, everyone in town makes fun of Sandy for not having her fur. This is even more stupid since some of the Bottomites don't have clothes either. The main plot, is as Plankton says, tedious. SpongeBob teaches Sandy to prepare a Krabby Patty through painfully dragged on sequences. I also want to point out another plothole. Why the hell does Mr. Krabs leave his secret formula in the open? Also, how did SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs not see Plankton clearly flying out of Sandy's fur? In this main plot, we get an obnoxious gag of SpongeBob saying "Oh, try again" when the bun isn't 100% accurately placed. As if this episode wasn't cruel enough to Sandy, she gets arrested in the end, which is even more stupid since the cops also joined in laughing at her earlier.

      The fact that I had to point all of this out makes this my least-favorite episode of the show so far. And it is the first episode of the series I feel that is worthy of this rating:

      Garbage (1/20)


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    • Yay indeed.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Robski would appreciate it if you signed up for this as a Powerful Pirate. Would you like to join?

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