aka Surburbia Ruler

  • I live in Suburian Kingdom
  • My occupation is controlling the plants and zombies
  • I am an eyegoggled Koopa
The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom 006 Leave the drama

Leave the drama in your little fantasy land. We don't need it in ours.

Ink Lemonade 188 Oh... is that what salty black lemonade is?

Please, do not post anything insulting, threatening, or salty on my wall. Also, please respect opinions of others. Thank you!

Today is:
Friday, July

Please do not post:

  • Anything salty. If you are salty, either don't post it here or do the Salty Squid Jig.
  • Threats. You might even be at risk of getting action done by the FANDOM Staff if you make a huge threat.
  • A request for me to go to the chat. I don't go to many chats.
  • Any outside-wiki material. Most of the time you're probably salty that something happened on that wiki.
  • Anything that breaks the guidelines, needless to say.

Alongside, under the following circumstances:

  • Do not include me as a contestant in any user hurt and heal.
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