• I live in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
  • I was born on September 5
  • My occupation is None
  • I am Male

Welcome to my message wall! Feel free to send me a message as long you follow these rules:

Support Message me if:
  • A page or image needs to be deleted
  • A page needs to be fixed
  • A page needs to be protected
  • A protected page needs to be edited
  • A thread needs to be removed
  • A user needs to be warned or blocked
  • Incorrect information needs to be removed
  • Multiple edits need to be reverted
  • You want me to join chat
  • You want me to make you a signature
  • You want my opinion on an episode
  • You want to be on my friends list
Oppose Don't message me if:
  • You are angry
  • You are asking for personal information
  • You are going to necropost
  • You are going to post a troll/nonsense thread
  • You are going to violate the ESB policy
  • You want me to do something you could easily do yourself
  • You want me to update your Hurt & Heal.
  • You want to advertise your wiki
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