The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom 006 Leave the drama

Leave the drama in your little fantasy land. We don't need it in ours.


Do's Edit

You can send me a friendly hello. You can ask me to go on chat (unless I'm banned). You can ask me for help on the wiki  You can give me a warning if I break the rules. (Admins only) You can tell me why I'm blocked/banned from chat. (Admins and chat mods only)

Don'ts Edit

You may NOT send me a message that breaks the rules. You may NOT advertise your wiki. Yit may NOT steal my cookies 🍪 You may NOT PM me random chats where I do not know anyone I am not very good with people. You may NOT tell me i stole this from Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls. You may NOT ask me to appeal your warning and/or block on the Fuller House Wiki.

Enjoy my geeks and peeps😃

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