Mel's Man Salon is a location that appears in the episode "Shell Games."



The building resembles a light blue hair dryer flipped onto its top. It has a visible plug, a red switch, and a sign which has the "Mel's" part in cursive red text and the "Man Salon" part in golden yellow capitalized text. The entrance is the area through which air is blown out.


Inside, the wall near the entrance is wooden brown, while the other walls have light and dark green stripes and are covered in posters, decorations, and mirrors. There is exercise equipment for the customers to use, as well as barber stools with hood dryers.

Role in episode

Tony and Patrick travel here as part of Tony's preparation to visit the turtle ladies. When they enter, Tony is greeted by Mel, who notes that Tony is 30 years late for his appointment. Mel then shaves Tony, who asks if Mel can remove Patrick from his shell. After Mel fails to do so, Tony grabs Patrick and they leave the salon.
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