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The mayor is the unnamed former mayor of Bikini Bottom. At one point, he was also the mayor of New Kelp City until he gave that position to SpongeBob. He first appears in the episode "Doing Time."

His role has been replaced by Ms. Mayor, a character introduced in The SpongeBob Musical and later carried over to the cartoon.


He is a light olive-green fish, with a light brown mustache and beard, and on the side of his head are three dark green spots. He wears a black suit and a hat with a dark magenta stripe on it.


Mayor of Bikini Bottom

He is the most notable mayor of Bikini Bottom, but in the episodes "Sponge-Cano!" and "SpongeBob's Last Stand," there is a different mayor.

Mayor of New Kelp City

His last act of this position was to make "CheeseHead BrownPants" mayor.

Food Con Judge

In the episode "Food Con Castaways," the mayor is the judge at Food Con who gives away the golden cornucopia to the winner. At the end of the episode, he tastes the Nature Patty and declares the Krusty Krab the winner of the golden cornucopia.
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