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They're selling chocolate!
— Mary Walker, Chocolate with Nuts

Mary[4][5] is a beige-colored, elderly fish who makes a few cameo appearances throughout the series. She is voiced by Susan Boyajian. She makes a major appearance and role in the episode "Chocolate with Nuts." She lives with her mother and is married to Old Man Walker.


She is a beige-colored elderly fish with a blonde or gray wig[6][7], she wears a purple or pink dress and has black slippers. She has big cheeks and three freckles on her chin.

Role in series

"Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy"

She makes a cameo on the outside of Shady Shoals Rest Home.

"Chocolate with Nuts"

Her first major role, SpongeBob and Patrick arrive at her house selling chocolate bars. She calls her mother over and tells her that SpongeBob and Patrick are selling chocolate. Patrick tells the two that they can live forever if they rub the chocolate on their skin. Mary desperately tries to turn them down but unfortunately for her, her mother decides to buy one. She then tells SpongeBob and Patrick that she hates them and slams the door in their face.

She and her mother are then on a "date" with SpongeBob and Patrick at Fancy! at the end of the episode.

"Money Talks"

She is seen eating with Old Man Walker at the Krusty Krab. But Mr. Krabs kicks her and her husband out due to another customer wanting their table right away.

"20,000 Patties Under the Sea"

She gets upset at Plankton for calling her grandson fat. Plankton then tells her that someone should toss him in the box and go down the river. She then sadly tells him that he is right.

"Ink Lemonade"

She can briefly be seen pushing her mother in the scene where everyone finds out that black lemonade is really Squidward's ink.

"Biddy Sitting"

She has SpongeBob and Patrick look after her mother while she can have some time to herself.


  • Her appearance is similar to Mable's.


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