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Mary's ex-boyfriend is a sea snail who appears in the episodes "Gary in Love" and "Gary & Spot," and in the online game Gary's Crush.


He has a purple shell with a dark teal swirl, light blue dots, and a scar on top. He has olive-colored skin and wears a brown hat. He speaks with an Italian-American accent.


As his name indicates, he used to be Mary the Snail's boyfriend. He is very dangerous due to his numerous threats to Gary. He also has his own gang with other dangerous snails.

Role in series

"Gary in Love"

He appears when Gary is with Mary, and he threatens Gary for affiliating himself with his girlfriend. Mary ignores him and falls in love with Gary, which angers him.

The next day, when Gary sneaks out of SpongeBob's house, he and his employees hunt for him. They go to the Pet Store that Gary visits and ransack the place because the clerk would not tell them where Gary is. During the ransack, Gary escapes, and he and his employees get attacked by a poodle worm.

When Gary finds Mary and sees that she got together with another snail, Mary's ex-boyfriend decides to take Gary to get dinner to cheer him up.

"Gary & Spot"

He is one of the snails who appears in the pirate ship, cornering Gary. He and the other animals are then taken into the animal control center and imprisoned at the end of the episode.

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