This is the page about Marvin (animal control officer). If you were looking for the article about the fish, then see Marvin.
This is the page about Marvin (animal control officer). If you were looking for the article about Plankton's cousin, then see Cousin Marvin.
Not to be confused with Animal control officer.

Marvin is a character who appears in the episode "Gary & Spot." He is an animal control officer who tries to capture Gary and his friend, Spot.


He is a green fish with brown hair on each side of his head and purple lips. He wears a gray shirt with a gold name tag on it, dark gray pants, a brown belt with a gold buckle, brown shoes, and a small dark gray hat.

Role in episode

When Gary is eating Squidward's trash, Marvin arrives in his van to capture him. However, Marvin slips on some of the trash and gets tangled up in his capture pole, causing Gary to laugh and quietly leave as Marvin tries to untangle himself.

Later, as Gary and Spot are making a mess in the Krusty Krab, Marvin passes by in search of Gary and notices the lights on. He barges in on the two pets and slips on some food, giving Gary and Spot time to leave. Mr. Krabs then arrives, due to the ruckus triggering his silent alarm, and Marvin explains that he is hunting a snail. However, Mr. Krabs complains about the messy state of the Krusty Krab and attacks Marvin, believing him to have caused the mess.

Soon after, Gary and Spot are partying with Patrick and some other animals in a shipwreck when Marvin notices the lights and music. He goes inside and dances, before realizing he is surrounded by the wild animals. After a fight, he arrests them and puts them into his van, before leaving. Gary and Spot, who managed to evade Marvin, decide to follow his van and rescue the other animals.

The two track Marvin to the animal shelter, where they break in and release the trapped animals. However, Gary and the animals overhear Marvin bemoaning how lonely he is and decide to help him. They set up a romantic date for him, and Gary uses slime to create a girlfriend for Marvin.

Marvin then takes his girlfriend on several dates and they soon get married. He thanks the animals for their help before setting them free.
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