Marina is a character who appears in the episodes "Mall Girl Pearl," "Whale Watching," and "My Two Krabses." She also appears in the online game Bikini Bottom Mysteries Search. She is one of Pearl's friends and works at the restaurant Hotdog on a String as an associate.


Marina is a light tan fish who has light brown hair with pink lips. At her job, she wears a green, light purple, and a white-striped shirt and a bucket that reads "Hot Dog" on it.

Role in series

"Mall Girl Pearl"

She is first seen once Pearl calls her, asking if she wants to hang out, though Marina is unavailable since she is at work. She then serves a customer a Hotdog on a String (food) with extra string, much to her disgust.

Later, Pearl visits Marina at Hotdog on a String in her first attempt to get a job. Marina calls out to her manager, Mr. Pepalino, and tries to help Pearl get through the door but is unsuccessful. Much later, Marina, Nocturna and Nixie are all having lunch in the food court and invite Pearl to join them. However, after Pearl tells everyone that she is working at Grandma's Apron, Marina, Nocturna and Nixie all ridicule her for working at a store for elderly people.

The girls then confront Pearl later at her job to humiliate her further but Beatrice manages to attack the trio, prompting them to apologize to Pearl for their actions.

"Whale Watching"

Marina is one of the party's attendants.

"My Two Krabses"

Marina is one of the guests at Pearl's slumber party, who also freaks out over seeing Mr. Krabs naked.
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