Margaret[1] SquarePants (nee BubbleBottom[2]) (more commonly referred to as Mrs. SquarePants) is Harold SquarePants' wife, SpongeBob SquarePants' mother, the daughter-in-law of Grandpa SquarePants and Grandma SquarePants,, the sister-in-law of Captain Blue SquarePants and Sherm SquarePants, the aunt of Larry, Todd SquarePants, BlackJack, and Stanley S. SquarePants, and the great-grandmother of SpongeBob's grandson. She is voiced by Sirena Irwin and first appears in the episode "Home Sweet Pineapple."


She has black hair and is dressed in a purple matchbox dress with matching sleeveless pantalettes with purple high heels and wears a pearl necklace. She is an orange sea sponge with light brown pores and light blue eyes.


She was born as Margaret BubbleBottom to Mr. and Mrs. BubbleBottom.

She married Harold SquarePants and changed her name to Margaret SquarePants.

She had one child, named SpongeBob SquarePants.

She once told SpongeBob to never run with a broom.[3]

She always told SpongeBob not to look for trouble.[4]

She now lives only with her husband since SpongeBob moved out.

Role in series

"Home Sweet Pineapple"

Her and her husband come to pick up SpongeBob after nematodes ate his pineapple house. In this episode, when SpongeBob is in his parents' boatmobile, he says "Goodbye Bikini Bottom!," which indicates that his parents do not live in Bikini Bottom.

"Culture Shock"

Margaret and Harold watch the Krusty Krab talent show.

"No Free Rides"

Margaret and Harold give their son a boatmobile for passing his driver's test.

"Sailor Mouth"

When SponeBob swears the disgusted garbage man questions if he kisses mother with that mouth SpongeBob replies by saying "Well, sometimes, but not... Recently."

"Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV"

After SpongeBob shrinks everyone in Bikini Bottom, she tell him that he needs to admit his mistakes.

"Driven to Tears"

She and Harold seem sad that SpongeBob does not have his driver's license, saying "Even Patrick has a license."

"A SquarePants Family Vacation"

She drives SpongeBob and Patrick to the Great Barrier Reef as part of the vacation.

"SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout"

She and her husband attend their son's birthday party.


  • The Q&A section of the official SpongeBob SquarePants website for New Zealand states that her name is "Claire Gretchen SquarePants."[5] This however, is false.
  • In the end credits, she is listed as "Mom," and sometimes "Mrs. SquarePants."

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