This is the page about Marco. If you were looking for the article about the background designer, then see Marco Cinello.

Marco is a character who appears in the episode "Old Man Patrick." He speaks with a slight Italian accent.


He is a very buff gray fish with a mullet. He wears a white tank top and has large muscles. He also has a 5 o'clock shadow.


He appears to be quite bad-tempered, aggressive and menacing, as he threatened to beat up anyone who mistakenly calls his name.

Role in episode

Marco tells SpongeBob to stop calling his name when he and Patrick are playing Marco Polo. Later, in an alley, he threatened to beat up SpongeBob when the latter mistakenly called his name.

In the end of the episode, he appeared once again when an elderly woman mistakenly calls his name. When he threatened to beat her up, she revealed herself to be very strong, and she punched him and sent him flying, defeating him when he crashed and exploded on the ground. Defeated, Marco replies "Polo" when the elderly woman mistakenly calls his name once again.


  • His name is the same as a name of a XIII-age traveller, Marco Polo.
  • Because his name is so similar to the popular pool game Marco Polo, he beats up anybody who mistakenly calls his name.
  • His parents owned a white farmhouse, which was his birthplace.
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