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Mama Bass is an obese bass who appears in the episodes "Moving Bubble Bass," "Swamp Mates," and "Bubble Bass's Tab." She is Bubble Bass' mother.


Like her son, she is an obese, olive green and light green-skinned bass who wears glasses. She is much larger than her son, who is tall himself.

She wears a bright blue tracksuit that has a white stripe running up the side of the tracksuit. The tracksuit's collar and sleeves' ends are also white. She has orange puffy hair, a pair of golden spherical studded earrings, and wears dark purple lipstick.

Role in series

"Moving Bubble Bass"

She is first heard complaining to her son about him not doing his chores, while he is annoyed with her constant nagging. After she throws things, Bubble Bass decides to move out of her basement and hires SpongeBob and Patrick to get all his belongings out of his mother's basement and into his grandmother's basement.

However, at the end of the episode, she physically appears when it is revealed that SpongeBob and Patrick unintentionally packed Mama Bass in with his stuff as well. She gets angry when she thought Bubble Bass stuffed her in a box and dragged her all around town. So, she decides to stuff her son in the box and drag him around town just to see how he likes it. She ignores her son's protests of innocence by banging him into buildings and objects along the run.

"Swamp Mates"

She interrupts Bubble Bass' heroic daydream and urges him to go outside and make friends. When Bubble Bass refuses, she reveals that she has organized Patrick to be his play date, to Bubble Bass' annoyance.

She is heard again at the end of the episode, where she is shocked at the messy state that Bubble Bass and Patrick left her basement in.


  • Like her son, she is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.
  • She is quite strong, as she was capable of lifting her overweight son with no problem.
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