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The Male Racer is an unnamed character who appears in the episode "The Hot Shot." He appears as the leader of the Street Racers along with his friends, Female Racer and the Muscular Racer.


The Male Racer is a male olive green fish. He wears a pinkish-red jacket and light blue shades. He also has a unique hairstyle with sideburns. Due to how he acts, the Male Racer may be a cool guy who challenges anyone and everyone who owns a speedboat like he does and gets into illegal street races. Thanks to this, he may be classified as a criminal.


The Male Racer first appears when he, along with the Female Racer and the Muscular Racer, pulls up beside SpongeBob and Tony Jr. at a stop light. He approves of their speedboat but then calls them "squares," to which, SpongeBob calls him circles as being "well-rounded individuals." The Male Racer thinks of this as an insult and challenges SpongeBob and Tony Jr. to a street race. SpongeBob objects at first but Jr. mananges to convince him to the race.

They both start speeding down the street with both competitors evenly matched. The Male Racer gets the lead but SpongeBob slams the pedal going as fast as him now. The Street Racer gains more speed but spots a nearby police car and slows down, allowing SpongeBob and Tony Jr. to speed on by.


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