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The male alien is an alien who is seen flirting with the female alien, and then SquidBob, in the episode "SquidBob TentaclePants."


The male alien is a lavender creature with light neon blue hair and a light yellow eye with a red pupil. He also has a lime green tongue. He is seen with no arms, and two legs with feet that resemble human hands.

Role in episode

Before SquidBob transports to their planet, the male alien is seen flirting with female alien, creating a bonded relationship between each other. As they are about to kiss, SquidBob transports in between them, and the male alien is later seen flirting with SquidBob. He asks SquidBob for his name in a romantic way that upsets the female alien.

After SquidBob transfers back to Bikini Bottom, the female alien slaps the male alien before walking away.


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