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— Magic Conch Shell, "Club SpongeBob"

The Magic Conch shell is a toy used by SpongeBob and Patrick to answer their questions. It appears in the episodes "Club SpongeBob" and "SpongeBob's Place," as well as the video game SpongeBob's Truth or Square and the book Tell Me, Magic Shell.


The Magic Conch shell is a lavender-colored seashell that has a speaker inside it to help the toy and users communicate more effectively. It is operated by a pull-string.

Role in series

"Club SpongeBob"

When SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward are stuck in the Kelp Forest, SpongeBob brings out the Magic Conch shell and he and Patrick play with it, ask it questions then pull the cord, and do whatever it says. It serves as the head of their club. SpongeBob and Patrick are loyal to the conch shell but not Squidward, who calls it a “stupid toy”. It tells them to do nothing, which SpongeBob and Patrick obey while Squidward unsuccessfully tries to leave. When the foods arrive, Squidward asks it numerous times for food, but the Conch constantly answers "no" every time, infuriating him.

When a ranger arrives to assist SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward, he reveals that he has a conch shell of his own, much to Squidward's shock and SpongeBob and Patrick's delight. It once again tells them to do nothing, and this time the still shocked Squidward obeys.

"SpongeBob's Place"

It, along with several other objects, can be seen on the floor of SpongeBob's house when SpongeBob is bored.


The Magic Conch club is a club that appears in the episode "Club SpongeBob."


The club is founded by SpongeBob and Patrick. It is focused around a Magic Conch shell the two find. However, later shown in the episode this is not the case, as the ranger's Magic Conch shell helps them find SpongeBob and Patrick, leading to a line of dialogue showing this club is seen throughout Bikini Bottom.

Other titles

  • Magic Conchers - As stated by SpongeBob, Patrick, and the ranger.


This list of answers given is ordered by appearances in the episode:

  • "Maybe someday."
  • "Nothing." (twice)
  • "Neither."
  • "I don't think so."
  • "No." (The most common)
  • "Yes."
  • "Try asking again."
  • (mockingly) "Nooo!"


  • It is a parody of the real-world toy the Magic 8-Ball.
  • The Magic Conch shell is voiced by Sirena Irwin.
  • The Magic Conch shell was made into an app unofficially by CoryZ.[1]
  • Contrary to how SpongeBob and Patrick pronounce it, the H in "conch" is silent.
  • The Magic Conch shell was used in the video game Mr. Hopp's Playhouse.