Mabel Monica Jenkins (previously Fish, Rechid and Smith) is a blonde anchovy fish who has been seen in many episodes. She has four to seven children. She was once married to Fred but they seem to have since divorced, and they have two sons, Monroe-Timmy and Tommy. Timmy, the same fish who is Fred's son called her mom. However, she was shown with various male fish throughout the series, indicating she is already married. She was married to SpongeBob's ex-classmate and she has had an anchovy ex-husband named Lenny who she mistaken was asking a Lisa to marry him. She makes a cameo appearance in "Friend or Foe" where she was waiting to get her own Krabs's and Plankton's burger. In "Born to Be Wild" it was revealed that she was married to this anchovy and they have two children. In "20,000 Patties Under the Sea," she was insulted by Plankton. Her name was revealed in "Born to Be Wild", when one of her husbands, Lenny shouts, "Mabel, get the kids!". She is seen hanging out with Squilliam Fancyson in "Squilliam Returns". In "Pet or Pests," she bought a baby worm that was a member of a rare species. She is currently married to [[Mable's fat husband|M
r. Jenkins]] and they have a son together.


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