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Ma Cheeks is the mother of Sandy, Rosy and Randy Cheeks. She is also the wife of Pa Cheeks, the sister of Hazel Nutt, the niece-in-law of Rosie Cheeks, the aunt of Earl Cheeks and Sandy's unnamed Scottish cousin, and the daughter-in-law of Grandpa Cheeks.

Abilities and talents

Like her daughter, Ma Cheeks performs, or at least, at one point, performed karate.


When she was an adult, she married a male squirrel who would be known as "Pa Cheeks." The two had twins named "Sandra" and "Randall" and a daughter "Rosy."

She once told Sandy to "Karate them [others] with kindness."[1]


She is only mentioned in the video game, SpongeBob's Boating Bash. Sandy quotes her when Sandy is driving around. She also appears in a family photo in the episode "Surf N' Turf."


  • Her personality is similar to Sandy as they both perform karate.



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