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It has been suggested that Love train motorman be renamed to Conductor. The reason given was: #References.

The Conductor[1][2] is a fish who appears in the episodes "The Great Patty Caper" and "My Leg!"


He is a violet fish with a black mustache. He wears a dark blue vest over a white dress shirt with red and yellow lines at the edge of the sleeves with a red necktie. He also wears a dark blue conductor's hat with a gold label on the front.

Role in series

"The Great Patty Caper"

He appears when SpongeBob and Patrick board the Oceanic Express to retrieve the Krabby Patty secret formula in a bank at the other side of the ocean. He shouts "All aboard!" just before the train departs.

"My Leg!"

After many failed attempts to break Fred's leg in order for him to see Nurse Bazooka, SpongeBob ties Fred's leg to a railroad track and plans to have a train run over his leg. The love train, which is being operated by the love train motorman, suddenly appears right on schedule.

Right before the train is about to hit Fred's leg, Tom suddenly appears and stops the train and then tosses it into the distance along with the motorman who was still inside the train.



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