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If you were looking for the article about the SpongeBob SquarePants season 9 episode, then see Lost in Bikini Bottom.

"Lost in Couch" is a The Patrick Star Show episode from Season 1. In this episode, Patrick loses the remote in the cushions, so he journeys into the couch to track it down, while he gets lost in various other objects along the way.



The episode starts with the earth sweating because of the sun. The narrator speaks about the S.S Super Minnow as Captain Doug Quasar looks at space through a telescope. The narrator shows the inside of the ship as PatTron recieves a call from Doug telling him that he locked himself out of the ship. PatTron tells him that he cannot because the captain always has his keys with him, but they are still in the ship as he hangs up. Then he wonders if the real captain is lost and goes around looking for him, as every time he turns on the ship, Doug gets burned and hurt. Then it zooms out to see Patrick watching the cartoon. The he says that we will watch his watch cartoons. While Patrick is watching the cartoon, he adds milk to his cereal box, when the TV announcer says that there is a 6-hour bowling marathon. When Patrick tries to change the channel with the remote, he knocks his cereal and milk in a box and the remote slips out of his hands, between the couch cushions, and is gone.

Squidina tells Patrick to go get the remote, and after acting like a dog and being given a bone, Patrick agrees to do it. Patrick then talks to the audience that he will be looking for the remote on today's "lookin around for..." Squidina checks if the rope attached to Patrick is good and works, as she attaches Ouchie, who has a camera on him, on Patrick's head, and implies that Patrick can't come back empty-handed, and that his whole "audience" is watching, which is only Slappy (who implies that he loves a good failure). As Patrick lowers himself onto the couch, views inside the couch can be seen. Patrick implies that the couch formations have been there for thousands of years (or until bunny reupholstered the couch). He starts floating on a couch cushion, on the river of milk and cereal from his cereal box. He finds a Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy comic, loose change, and his yo-yo. After he falls off the cushion from a milk waterfall, he gets to land, and finds himself in a "cushion jungle" as he implies that remoto dragons love to live in them. Patrick finds the remote, a little bigger than before, and growls at him and runs away. After he runs to catch his remote, something is towering over Patrick, and gets closer and closer until it squishes him.

Bubble Bass sits down on his couch to watch the 168-hour-long Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy marathon. Ouchie spikes him, and launches him to the ceiling of the basement. As Patrick thinks that Ouchie saved them, a Sock-a-dactyl takes them away to its nest, but as it does this, the rope keeps going into the couch, and Squidina loses it. Patrick is found in the Sock-a-dactyl's nest, and finds out its lunchtime. Squidina notices that he must have broken out of the couch and gone to a dresser, and she says that she will find him. After looking in a couple dressers, Squidina finds Cecil washing his mustaches, and he implies what is wrong. After she says that Patrick is lost in a dresser, Cecil thinks that Patrick is an imaginary friend, but Squidina says that its his son, but Cecil thinks that it is his "imaginary son" and that he is in trouble, so he goes into the dresser to find him. As he tries to go into the dresser, Squidina says that they will be back after the word from the sponsor, while Rube is offering 8 luxurious days discovery for furniture as never seen before.

After Patrick implies to call the number below the screen, he appears with forks in his head, still looking for the remote. Squidina pushes Bunny and Perch Perkins into the couch, and she tells GrandPat to shout and tug the rope if he finds Patrick, but he does not want to because he wants to take a nap. Squidina implies that the event will be on TV to signal importance. As Patrick inspects a footprint, the remoto dragon steps on it, and it is seen bigger than ever before. After some fighting, Patrick finds out that the low-battery light is flashing, so he finds some batteries, and hopes that they are double A's. As he puts them between the dragon's mouth, he punches them in, and as the light turns green, the remoto dragon becomes smaller, and it becomes the TV remote, again. After he implies that he's got the remote, he wonders how he will get out, so Squidina tells him that she sent the whole town searching for him. Larry the Lobster, Perch Perkins, Bunny, and Cecil claim that they have found Patrick.

As Squidina pulls everyone out of the couch, she finds out it was Ouchie, and implies that Patrick is lost in the couch. Patrick says that someone should look for him, and Squidina says that he is safe, and Patrick says that he is safe and can use the remote again, and everyone cheers weakly. GrandPat, however, is stuck in the wall, and Patrick says that is why it is good to have the remote and changes the channel to the bowling marathon, as GrandPat puts himself in a bowling ball, and knocks down the pins off-screen, and everyone cheers as the episode ends.





  • This episode was broadcast after its sister episode for the initial American premiere and reruns during the Mega Music Fest, mainly because of the musical elements present in that episode. In subsequent reruns, this episode is broadcast first.
  • Squidina saying "Patrick, you're saved!" and Patrick replying with "Patrick, I'm save!" is similar to SpongeBob saying "Patrick, you're back!" and Patrick repeating his words in "Patrick SmartPants."

Cultural references

  • This episode's title is a reference to the TV series Lost in Space.
  • The opening scene parodies the plot of the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey, with PatTron taking on the role of HAL 9000 in locking the captain out of the spaceship and even delivering HAL's famous line "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that."
  • Also in the opening scene, the spaceship is called the USS Minnow, which references the S. S. Minnow boat from the television series Gilligan's Island.
  • Bowling for Clams is a take on Bowling for Dollars, a game show on local television stations throughout the United States where contestants bowled to win cash prizes.
  • The name "Remoto Dragon" is a reference to the Komodo dragon.
  • The episode's plot where Patrick gets lost in the couch looking for the TV remote and then his friends go after him is similar to the Sesame Street movie The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland where Elmo got lost in Grouchland looking for his blanket and then his friends on Sesame Street go after him.
  • The earth sweating from the sun is a reference to global warming.