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Lord Reginald is one of Sandy's bosses who appears in the episode "Chimps Ahoy" and the online game Sponge Star Patrick Pants. He works for Tree Dome Enterprises Limited


He is a light brown monkey who wears a black and green hat and a black jacket. He also wears a light green shirt and a green tie. He also wears small black glasses with blue shades and has a British accent.

Role in series

"Chimps Ahoy"

He, along with Professor Percy and Dr. Marmalade, leave the bus that stops at Sandy's treedome. Professor Percy introduces himself and then Dr. Marmalade and Lord Reginald. SpongeBob and Patrick show the three their invention, the Automatic Back Scratcher, Hair Comber, Nose Picker, and Ukulele Tuner 9000. The three are unimpressed and want to see a demonstration of the invention to see if it works. Patrick chooses Lord Reginald to test the device and straps him in. He asks Patrick if it is safe. Patrick says that he is as sure that it is safe, as he is sure that he is a doctor professor. Patrick starts the machine.

Professor Percy asks if Lord Reginald is alright. Inside the machine, it removes Lord Reginald's hat, combs, and cuts his hair. He thinks it is splendid. The machine then scratches his back and then starts to pick his nose. He describes what the machine is doing and then says that it is feeding him pudding. SpongeBob says that he does not remember that part of the invention. The machine then tries to tune Lord Reginald's ukulele. When that fails, it starts going haywire. It hits Lord Reginald with the ukulele, hits him in the back of the head, and then starts taking other parts of the invention to attack him. It does so and he screams.

Dr. Marmalade asks if he is alright and Lord Reginald just screams. Sandy hears the screaming and runs into the treedome. Soon, Lord Reginald is shot out of the invention. Professor Percy asks if Lord Reginald is alright. The three decide to stop Sandy's funding and are about to leave when Dr. Marmalade needs to eat a banana, so he takes one out.

One of Sandy's inventions, the Fully Automated Nutcracker, starts up. It is laying on a log nearby. It takes the banana and peels it. Dr. Marmalade is surprised and Professor Percy tells Lord Reginald to test it again. Lord Reginald takes out a banana and it peels it. The board of directors says that it must be the banana peeler that they have been searching over a hundred years for. They start acting like animals who are excited.

Sandy's bosses take back what they said about her losing her funding and they give her another 20 years of funding. Lord Reginald wonders if Sandy can make the poop-flinging machine that has been eluding them for years. Dr. Marmalade says, "Now. Now. One miracle at a time." The three primates then leave.

Sponge Star Patrick Pants

He along with the other members of Tree Dome Enterprises Limited are seen in the crowd of people who are watching Sandy show her new invention.
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