Lonnie is a shark who is one of the members of The Sharks. He appears in the episode "Sharks vs. Pods."


Lonnie is a large reddish-white and light red shark that wears a black leather jacket. He often combs his hair, as his hair is long. Lonnie is the tallest shark in the group and he combs his hair with a switchblade comb.


Like the other Sharks, he is not very smart and usually reliant to Sharkface.

Role in episode

He is the first shark to talk, when he reads the sign on the Krusty Krab. Sharkface, his leader, reminds him that he can read and does not need his help. When Sharkface introduces the sharks, Lonnie combs his hair. Sharkface tells SpongeBob that he can replace Jonnie after his accident, and Lonnie flops on the ground when the other Sharks cry about him. When SpongeBob starts to have concerns about the Sharks, they egg him on and question why he does not trust them.

When SpongeBob meets the Sharks at the playground, it is known that the Sharks are not actually fighters and Lonnie tells SpongeBob that the screaming and fainting girls are just fangirls. After finding out this was a dance showdown, not a fighting showdown, SpongeBob is much calmer and determined to win the showdown with the Sharks.

In the end, the Sharks, the Pods, and the police all win and jump in the air.

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