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This is the page about Lobster Mr. Krabs. If you were looking for the article about main-universe character, then see Eugene H. Krabs.
If you were looking for the article about the muscular lobster, then see Larry the Lobster.

Lobster Mr. Krabs is an alternate universe version of Eugene H. Krabs who appears in the comic Bikini Bottom 2. He comes from a universe where Mr. Krabs is a lobster, and may be from the same universe as Muscular Gary.


He wears clothing similar to the clothing of the normal universe Mr. Krabs, but has round black glasses and he is a lobster.


He appears alongside Muscular Gary when SpongeBob summons him to the Bikini Bottom 2' universe when he messes up with all the buttons on the machine that sends people to other dimensions.
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