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The little clown is a character who appears as the main protagonist of the episode "Don't Feed the Clowns."


He is a fish in the costume of a clown with dark pink hair, light turquoise lips, and white gloves. He has tan-orange skin and wears a light green blue-striped hat, dark blue overalls with green buttons, and dark red and orange shoes.

Role in episode

He is first seen at the circus when SpongeBob attempts to feed him a piece of popcorn, only for the ringmaster to tell him to not feed the clowns. Afterwards, SpongeBob and Patrick go into a circus tent and see a bunch of clowns eating a box of candy, but they do not save any for the little clown. Out of sympathy, SpongeBob wants to give the little clown some food, so he carries a bag of popcorn around, trying to find the clown after he ran away. He then finds him in a popcorn bucket and the clown reveals that he wants a job.

The first job that little clown applies for is as a hot dog vendor. Unfortunately, even after SpongeBob shows him the ropes, the little clown does not serve the dogs properly to the customers, rather creating a catastrophe with the food. A giant muscular fish then shows up and puts SpongeBob and the little clown into a bun and throws it out of anger for interfering with his hot dog stand.

Later, at SpongeBob's house, SpongeBob tries making the little clown more presentable for a job. Afterwards, the second job that the clown applies for is as a businessman. He does decent at first, but then causes trouble by slamming his ink-covered face onto the papers and stamping his co-workers' faces. As a result, he is fired.

The third job that the little clown gets is as a fireman for the Bikini Bottom Fire Department. He drives the firetruck to Mrs. Puff's Boating School, which is on fire. He fails to put out the fire, using streamers rather than a hose, and causes the school to burn down. He is fired from a job yet again.

The last job he gets is as a baker at the Bikini Bottom Bakery. Instead of doing his job, the little clown throws pies at the customers. He and SpongeBob are then rolled into a pie by the head baker, firing the clown in the process.

After this catastrophe, it is concluded that the little clown is not fit for a job. As a result, SpongeBob finds a world full of clowns behind the kelp of Kelp Forest, which the little clown happily enters and indulges in.
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