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This is a list of tikis that appear in the video games Battle for Bikini Bottom and Battle for Bikini Bottom: Rehydrated. There are five varieties that appear throughout all the levels, minus the boss challenges. All five of them have faces on them to appear as though they are alive. If destroyed, the tikis release shiny objects that can be exchanged for a golden spatula by Mr. Krabs, and used to unlock certain challenges within a level.

Wood Tiki

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The Wood Tiki[1] is a brown tiki with a face on the front that has overexposed teeth. It can be destroyed with all of SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy's attacks, but it does not work with SpongeBob's bubble hat attack unless the wooden tiki is on top of a floating tiki. They first appear in SpongeBob's library.

Wood Tikis drop 2 Shiny Objects.

Floating Tiki

The Floating Tiki[1] is a pale tiki with black eyes and a beard, and a purple head. As its name implies, it is a tiki that floats in the air. Although it can be destroyed with all of the characters' attacks, it best works with SpongeBob's bubble hat attack which prompts him to jump in midair and destroy them with his hat. They can also be destroyed by his bubble wand spin if they are not too far out of distance, as well as the bubble bowl if they are floating in an area that the bowling ball can easily target. They can only be defeated by Patrick's belly slam if he is on top of a higher platform than the floating tikis or if Patrick throws an object at them.

As with the Wood Tikis, they first appear in SpongeBob's library.

Floating Tikis drop 5 Shiny Objects.

The Floating Tiki was originally known as "Lovey Dovey Tiki"[citation needed] and appeared as a purple tiki with wings and pink lips.

Shhh Tiki

The Shhh Tiki[1] is a light gray tiki that decreases in size before eventually disappearing as the player gets closer to them. They first appear in Jellyfish Fields. To defeat them as SpongeBob, the latter must be within a reasonable distance from the tikis and use either his bubble bowl or bubble cruise moves. To defeat them as Patrick, he must also be within a far enough distance and then throw a watermelon at them. To defeat them as Sandy, she as well must be distanced from the tikis and then use her lasso to destroy them. They can also be destroyed by either character by going near a thunder tiki that is near them and walking away as it and the nearby tikis explode. Alternatively, Patrick can throw a thunder tiki at them.

Shhh Tikis drop 10 Shiny Objects (11 in Rehydrated).[2]

Thunder Tiki

The Thunder Tiki[1] is a pale and red tiki with an angry face and lightning bolt on its face. The only tiki that harms the player, the thunder tiki can be defeated with all of the characters' attacks, but best works with SpongeBob's cruise bubble and bubble bowl, Patrick's throw fruit, and Sandy's lasso if the player does not want to risk losing a health unit. Alternatively, another harmless way to defeat them is by walking up to one to set it off, then walking away far enough as it is about to explode. Patrick can also just pick them up and throw them rather than throwing his watermelon at them.

As with the Shhh Tiki, it first appears in the Jellyfish Fields level.

Thunder Tikis drop 15 Shiny Objects.

Stone Tiki

The Stone Tiki[1] is a dark gray tiki made out of stone. The most durable tiki in the game, it is also the hardest to defeat. The easiest way to defeat them as all three characters is to walk up to a nearby thunder tiki that is located near a stone tiki and walk away as it explodes. However, for the character-exclusive attacks, SpongeBob can only destroy it with his bubble cruise, whereas Patrick can only destroy it by throwing it in the goo and Sandy by using her lasso.

As with the Shhh and Thunder Tikis, they first appear in the Jellyfish Fields level.

Stone Tikis drop 25 Shiny Objects.


  • All five tikis are similar to the crates that would later appear in first movie game:
    • The wooden tiki is similar to the Plankton crate in both being made out of wood and only taking one hit to destroy.
    • The floating tiki is similar to the floating Plankton box with a green balloon inside since both float in the air and can be best defeated either with SpongeBob's air bash or Patrick's throw fruit.
    • The thunder tiki is similar to the dynamite crates as both are explosive, harm the player, and are best defeated by either walking up to them and letting them explode or, in the case of Patrick, throwing them or throwing the watermelon at them.
    • The shhhh tiki is similar to the Plan Z crates as both decrease in size before disappearing as the player gets close to them, and are best defeated with SpongeBob's bowling ball or Patrick's throw ability.
    • The stone tiki is similar to the metal safe crates, as both are durable to the point where only SpongeBob's cruise bubble/sonic wave guitar move and Patrick's throw ability destroy them.
  • Wooden tikis can be found in the video game Nickverse.