This article is a list of original music used in the series starting with the letter O.

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O Solo Mio Mandolin

O Solo Mio Mandolin was composed by Nicolas Carr.

Old Fortyniner

Old Fortyniner (alternate title: "Old 49er Banjo Fiddle") was composed by Nicolas Carr.

One Trick Sponge Theme

One Trick Sponge Theme was composed by Ego Plum.

  • 247b. "One Trick Sponge" - Title card; SpongeBob shows his "audience" his magic trick; Ending.

Orchestral Colours

Main article: Orchestral Colours
Orchestral Colours is a series of tracks composed by Marcin Pospieszalski. It is used under different alternate names by Nicolas Carr.

Organ Gliss

  • 22a. "Something Smells" - Organ glissando downwards, Organ upward gliss overlays "Monster Chords (c)"


Origami was composed by Nicolas Carr.

Out of Control

Out of Control was composed by Eban Schletter.

Overture in Sea


SpongeBob Music Squidward's School for Grown-Ups (Unknown Track)

Overture in Sea was composed by Nicolas Carr, Sage Guyton and Jeremy Wakefield.

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