These are the driver's licenses shown throughout the SpongeBob SquarePants series.


SpongeBob SquarePants

Sleepy Time 017

SpongeBob's driver's license appears four times. It first appears in a dream during the episode "Sleepy Time" in season 1, second in the episode "No Free Rides," when Mrs. Puff gives it to him in real life, and third in episode "SpongeBob LongPants". It also makes a cameo in the episode "Girl's Night Out."

  • Class: 'S'
  • No.: A1356021
  • Expires: 12-14-03
  • Name: SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Address: 124 Conch Street
  • Sex: M
  • Hair: Yellow
  • Eyes: Blue
  • HT: 0.04
  • WT: 1 oz
  • DOB: 07-14-86
  • Signature: SpongeBob SquarePants

Mr. Krabs

Sleepy Time 105

Mr. Krabs' driver's license appears in his dream during "Sleepy Time."

  • Class: 'S'
  • No.: A5265661
  • Expires: 11-30-02
  • Name: Mr. Krabs
  • Address: 3541 Anchor Way, Bikini Bottom
  • Sex: M
  • Hair: N/A
  • Eyes: Green
  • HT: 0.07
  • WT: 5 oz
  • DOB: 11-30-42
  • Signature: Mr. Krabs

Patrick Star

Driven to Tears 16

Patrick had his license issued and revoked in "Driven to Tears."

  • Class: 'S'
  • Expires: 12-14-03
  • No.: A1376047
  • Address: 120 Conch St. Bikini Bottom
  • Sex: M
  • Hair: Pink
  • Eyes: Black
  • HT: 0.06
  • WT: 2 oz

Mr. What Zit Tooya


This license appears in "Good Ol' Whatshisname" with its owner for Squidward to see his name.


  • According to the Turkish SpongeBob SquarePants Magazine May 2009, SpongeBob's driver license birthdate is not real because he saw this in a dream. This claim contradicts the license's real-life appearance in No Free Rides.
  • Unlike SpongeBob's and Mr. Krabs' driver's licenses, Patrick's and Mr. What Zit Tooya's driver's licenses do not have a birthday or a signature on theirs.
  • Mr. What Zit Tooya's license doesn't show an expiration date unlike SpongeBob's, Patrick's, and Mr. Krabs' licenses.
  • Mr. Krabs' license doesn't show his full name, Eugene H. Krabs, and just says "Mr. Krabs" instead.
  • Patrick is really heavy, but it shows that he is 2 ounces. This varies for future seasons, where he weighs more.
  • Despite Mr. What Zit Tooya having visible hair in the picture, his license says that he has no hair.
  • Despite Patrick having no hair, his license says that he has pink hair.
    • The same thing goes with SpongeBob. However, his license says that it is yellow.
  • On the Season 4 Volume 1 DVDs, SpongeBob's license is shown on both.
  • In Gone, Spongebob's license is shown to have the number A1376047 on it, the same as Patrick's.
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